Answers to the most frequently asked questions are listed below. In case your desired information is not available here, please contact our service centre:

You may reach us Monday to Sunday from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm CET on the following landlines:
+44 1865 8 25750 (Great Britain),
+49 89 382 15750 (Germany),
+43 72 52 888 15750 (Austria)


Yes, if your child corresponds to the minimum age for tours in the respective BMW Group plant.
The required minimum age varies by production plant due to safety requirements:

BMW Group Plant Berlin: 14 years of age

BMW Group Plant Dingolfing: 14 years of age

BMW Group Plant Landshut: 14 years of age

BMW Group Plant Leipzig:
6 years of age (production of classic vehicles),
14 years of age (production of electric vehicles)

MINI Plant Oxford:
10 years of age (mixed group tour single visitors),
14 years of age (exclusive group tours)

BMW Group Plant Regensburg: 4 years of age

BMW Group Plant Steyr: 14 years of age

The plant tour approximately lasts 2 to 2.5 hours. The walk on plant premises requires climbing stairs and leads through outdoor areas. Participation is only possible with closed shoes.

During the tour filming and taking photos is strictly forbidden. Disregard can cause the exclusion form the plant tour. Cameras and mobile phones can be placed in lockers.

Usually guided tours take place Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm. In some BMW Group plants additional tour times are offered.

Participation is only possible after booking in advance.

Bringing animals of any kind is strictly prohibited.


For individual visitors and smaller groups of up to six persons, we offer mixed group tours with up to 25 persons. Those mixed group tours are offered multiple times per week.

You can also request a personal appointment for an exclusive group tour. These exclusive tours are dedicated to groups, but also to individual visitors who do not want to be guided together with other visitors.

Booking in advance is required for participation in any guided tour. Unless you are tied to a fixed date, we recommend a lead time of at least six to eight weeks due to high demand.

To make your reservation, please follow the link “reservation” in the main menu above.

Generally, there is a high demand for tours. At the same time the capacity for tours in the plants is limited. Unless you are tied to a fixed date, we recommend to book at least six to eight weeks in advance.

Our Visitor Service will be pleased to help, please contact us:

Per e-mail at or by phone, calling the numbers listed above and below.

A free cancellation is possible for bookings of individual guided tours up to 72 hours before the tour. Please use the link in your confirmation e-mail.

Exclusive tours can be cancelled up to one week prior to the tour date. Please contact our service center via e-mail or phone for a cancellation of an exclusive group tour.


For every single visitor the ticket charge is 8.00 EUR*. The fee for e-mobility tours is 9.50 EUR* per person.

The cost of exclusive group tours varies by tour type, it ranges from 150.00 EUR* to 180.00 EUR*.

Tours at MINI Plant Oxford are 19 £* for individual visitors and 220 £* for groups with up to 15 persons.

* Reduced admission with appropriate documentation for: children and young people under 18 years of age, pupils over 18 years of age, students, trainees, persons with disabilities (the necessary accompanying person free), owners of the BMW customer card (BMW Card), BMW Clubs

A payment can be made online and in advance via PayPal, major credit cards, as well as direct debit.

You may select the desired payment method at the last step of the online booking process, or if you have booked through our Service Center, follow the payment link in your confirmation e-mail.

In case the desired payment method may not be selected, please contact our service center.

Paypal offers several options for payment, even without a personal PayPal account. If you have difficulties or questions concerning the payment, please contact PayPal directly.

Please contact our service center for the redemption of a coupon.